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Developers, innovation, technology (and a little bit of fun)

By Sérgio Oliveira
Sérgio Oliveira
Cracking complex problems, while designing simple solutions. A fan of Hugo Boss.
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Developers, innovation, technology (and a little bit of fun)
It was after a talk I gave in a meetup that an attendee, Sérgio Azevedo, reached out to me about my thoughts on the NDC (Norwegian Developers Conference) and it was clear then that we should try to bring NDC to Porto!

Why Porto? Porto has been investing in providing the perfect conditions to attract big companies like Farfetch. This investment is backed up by the quality of surrounding tech universities and its high-end graduates.

We began our contacts with NDC pitching the idea. From the beginning, they were excited about the idea. At this point, it was a personal project, so I shared the concept to Farfetch that, as a company, we needed to be involved, it was an easy sell. Farfetch has been attending NDC for some years now. It is an excellent conference punctuated by the quality of the speakers, talks and full of valuable networking opportunities. It was clear that Farfetch would participate and help from the beginning in bringing NDC to Porto.

All the pieces were falling into place: it was clear that it makes sense to bring the conference to Porto, and the involvement of Farfetch got the ball rolling. With the support of Farfetch as the main sponsor, NDC got what they needed to run NDC Porto in 2019.

I had the pleasure to be a part of the Agenda Committee. NDC opened the call for papers, and we ended up with more than 600 session proposals... excellent proposals. I felt like a kid in a candy store: so much to choose from. Actually, this was the hardest part: selecting and narrowing down to 48 sessions was a daunting process. 

This first edition of NDC counts with world-class speakers and sessions, every attendee will have the opportunity to learn from world-famous speakers and interact with some of the best developers from all over the world. NDC is known for serving great food, and NDC Porto will be no exception. There will be a continuous serving of food throughout the conference days, and evening events with excellent networking opportunities every night.

Personally, I'm quite excited about this event. How about you? Check out more about NDC Porto here.
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