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Ready to Power On? - Join us! Meet Plug-In, FARFETCH Graduate Programme

By Georgina Esteves
Georgina Esteves
Working on Farfetch backstage to keep the gears running. Travel addicted with a Converse backpack.
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Ready to Power On? - Join us! Meet Plug-In, FARFETCH Graduate Programme
When I finished my master's degree, I was a bit worried about whether I would be able to find a company where I would be happy daily. I had already heard about Farfetch and its spirit, and when I heard they were going to start a graduate programme named Plug-in, I didn't think twice. I applied for it with hope but, I have to admit, not a lot of confidence that I would be chosen.

When I was invited to take part in the recruitment process, my only concern was to be true to myself, because I know I could only be happy if I could be myself. Little did I know that Farfetch is the perfect place for that.

The entire recruitment was conducted in a very natural and relaxing way, and I started to get to know a few of my future colleagues during this process. When they called me with an offer, I could not believe it. I was ecstatic! I was one of the selected 25 for the first edition of the Plug-in programme! But then the doubts came: "could I meet their expectations?"

On the first day, we were 25 graduates eager to learn and be part of this Farfetch community. We were welcomed in a very well structured onboarding that gave us a broad overview of Farfetch and of its processes and different areas. We really learned a little bit of everything, from how customer service keeps amazing our customers to how to manage our time more efficiently.

The days became more and more exciting as we got closer to the tech area.

With time, we started to be at ease with our projects and, more importantly, our colleagues. A mentor was assigned to each one of us when we joined our teams, whose main purpose was to guide us in the following months and help us integrate. When I joined my team, the same thought I had on my first day at Farfetch ran through my head: "this is for real, I must be functional and productive. Will I be able to do it?”. Luckily for me, my entire team welcomed me with open arms and eager to pass on their knowledge to me while listening to my ideas and fresh point of view. Suddenly, all that fear faded away. I felt as if I was amongst longtime friends, sharing thoughts and building up things together, like I had never truly left university to join the professional world. In only a few weeks, I already felt part of the big picture. I was encouraged to analyse, setup and bring my point of views, and people trusted my decisions. This helped me not only to build my technical skills but also my confidence in an early stage of my career.

We sometimes say time passes by in a different way at Farfetch: the pace and vibe of our work environment make the day fly by. Looking back to these past two years, I feel like I have been here forever, and at the same time, I feel like I left the Plug-in programme only a few weeks ago to join this great community. 

I can say it feels like home now. 

Are you ready to Power On?

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