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My experience at NDC Porto 2019

By Pedro Vilaça
Pedro Vilaça
Loves empowering people, can be found outdoors with his camera in his overwhelming visible The North Face gear.
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My experience at NDC Porto 2019
As a functional programming nerd, I hold the excitement when I heard that NDC was coming to Porto. I had heard about this conference before when casually searching for talks about functional programming design patterns.

I am not the only one from Farfetch who got to attend this event, since we were the main partner and a lot of colleagues, from tech to HR and communication, got involved in its organisation.

All expectations were high, and the conditions for a successful conference were gathered. Did we reach our expectations? No, we went beyond them!

The conference itself opened in NDC style with a keynote by Richard Campbell about the moon, and how the exploration of this satellite can catalyse further discoveries that can eventually help us solve our most earthly problems. Campbell gave many examples on how we could settle on the moon and use it as a platform to launch massive space structures that could provide the planet with green energy — not directly related to software but enough to get you to think out of the box, really inspiring stuff that includes technology and applies it to building a better world.

At the conference I focused my experience around microservices, so I attended the talk "embracing messaging and eventual consistency in your microservices solutions" by Michele Bustamante, where she threw out a little bit of history from Service Oriented Architecture days, and discussed some growing pains with microservices, getting to eventual consistency in asynchronous systems. There’s a growing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning as well. In my opinion, it is going to be a part of our lives in the future undoubtedly. Rishal Hurbans was the speaker at the talk "neural networks: a primer", which sort of gets you into the world of machine learning. I was also looking forward to "natural language processing with deep learning and TensorFlow" with Barbara Fusinska, because she gave us advanced material that is similar to some cool stuff we are doing at Farfetch.

So what do I take from NDC Porto 2019? All in all, I take new perspectives to problems and the confirmation that we at Farfetch are on the right path for many other solutions,  and that makes me even more proud of the great work we have been doing. I am grateful for this opportunity that made me feel empowered and at the forefront of technology, and also allowed me to have some great and fun days.
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