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My First Steps as a Plug-In

By Sónia Araújo
Sónia Araújo
Problem solver and project manager 24/7. Morning & people person, fruit addicted, and Burberry fan.
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My First Steps as a Plug-In
There's something special about FARFETCH. There's a sense of pride that comes from building a brand that people love and making the most of ourselves as a company and as individuals. Back in October 2020, when I first stepped into the FARFETCH world, I remember feeling upbeat about the company’s future. Taking the first steps as a Plug-In Graduate is a gift. And doing it right before the peak season starts is a hell of a ride. You automatically get the spirit. We breathe as much as the real-time sales dashboard grows, our hearts beat as fast as our services are running. All of a sudden, we see ourselves using the same acronyms, shortening words in exactly the same way as the seniors do, and so it happens...we’re in! It’s the "we all take a seat around the table” feeling. 

For me, this happened because of the world-class Plug-In Graduates programme. At FARFETCH, it’s all about the culture. The People team organizes the first two weeks in an engaging way - intimate conversations and sharing between the new joiners, personal and professional sharing from Farfetchers, escape rooms, personal development sessions, hot topic conversations, and a priceless, comfortable environment. And the best part is that the onboarding is extended over the 6 month internship. During these first weeks, FARFETCH provides you with the programme’s best gift - your mentor. And if you’re as lucky as I was, you will love to exponentially learn from the best, day after day. 

At FARFETCH, we devotedly live the company’s values. It’s not just another cliche page on their website like we’re used to seeing. Here, it’s crucial to be respectful and kind to yourself and to those around you. It’s imperative to trust each other’s intent, resolve problems with empathy and welcome mistakes as learning opportunities, which is quite an advantage for us as learners. The mindset is for everyone to act for the greater good of all teams and celebrate the shared achievements, so don’t be surprised to see #todosjuntos written many times as it’s, from my point of view, the strongest and most practised value.

When I applied for the Plug-In Graduates programme, I was a newbie. 22 years old, one month after graduating from my industrial engineering management degree. I was enthusiastic and seeking a new challenge - quite a common profile, I’d say. For someone that does not have a technology background like me and wants to learn how to swim or fish in this rough sea, I’d say this is the safest ship to onboard. And the one with the best view, since we’re talking about the only at-scale, global technology platform for luxury. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Plug-In programme, people like me, with an industrial engineering and management background would never be able to prove how good this synergy is. FARFETCH provides you with time and resources to learn as much as you want during this period. Throughout the programme, you’ll have the opportunity to taste new challenges every day, set specific goals, commit to them, focus on your growth, and gradually gain your autonomy. 

Is it as easy as it sounds? No. But that’s the price you pay for being part of a dynamic industry, like technology, and a fast-paced company, like  FARFETCH. And although it may sound like we’re always running out of time, everything is focused on our priorities of inclusion, mental wellness and sustainability.

These six months were a roller coaster of feelings, challenges, and surprises. One day you feel confident because you learned the whole book. The day after, you look up and realize another book has been created already. It’s a never-ending growth path. If you’re curious to get to know more about this technology world, I’m pretty sure my colleagues from the People team would be delighted to answer your questions, they’re outstanding professionals. I received way more than what I was able to give as a Plug-In, and, nowadays, it doesn’t happen that often. Take your chance!
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